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Born Minjin Adewale Lawanson Junior, he hails from Oyo state but was born and brought up in Lagos with his two younger siblings.

His unique name 'Minjin' was given to him by his mother; it means "son of the Most High" and was highly influenced by his mother's interest in Asian culture.

He went to Rising Sun Children school and later King Solomon secondary school and is a member of the Extremely Talented Artists (ETA) Foundation and the Society of Nigerian Arts.

Minjin has always been singing but started having the consciousness of being a singer at age sixteen. He can sing, paint, model and also plays the guitar. He is a diamond in the rough and has had his share of ups and downs in life; having a temporary stint as an up-and-coming painter in Lagos.

His recent accomplishments are playing Troy in the first all-black-cast High School Musical premiered in Nigeria and winning Centage (along with a brand new Toyota Prado jeep, 2 million naira cash and a 10 million naira record deal).

 Minjin has started recording tracks already and even has a song with Goldie titled "You're the one". There's a single too titled "Kini ma se".

His first single "Turning Me Oun" is a massive jam and is bound to enjoy massive market acceptance. Minjin has just begun his road to stardom.

Minjin's Albums

Minjins Bunga | Single

Bunga | Single

'Bunga! That's another word for the Nigerian music slangers. Minjin absolutely tears up the dancefloor with this one as he goes all native to good effect.

Minjins So Beautiful | Single

So Beautiful | Single

Get ready to bounce to 'de riddim' with this dancehall flavoured single from Centage winner and Kennis frontliner- Minjin. Dude's music iss absolutely easy on the ears and is the funk!

Minjins Singles


This is another one! The JT like futuristic sound that Nigeria deserves. Minjin's music is a trip. It's hard!

Minjin's Music Videos